We guarantee to offer you at least one game-changing tool in the first meeting.

Professional Services We Offer To Businesses

You've Heard It Countless Times In Meetings
"We Need To Close More Deals"

You may even deliver that battle cry yourself. Salesmen, sales managers, Vice Presidents and Chief Executives all want the same thing: more sales. The question is, how do you get there? Well guess what? We've got good news and better news.  The good news: higher revenue is attainable. The better news: we give you easy-to-implement tools to get there. We give you the roadmap to achieve your professional and personal goals.

What PBC clients are saying...

I trust Bethany to give it to me straight. She held me accountable for the goals and dreams I had articulated to her, and she helped me discover solutions that were within me the entire time. Her guidance is realistic and raw in a way that propels me to change. I like that. If you’re motivated to change, I would highly suggest working with her.
— Cameron B., Aerospace Engineer