How can a Business Coach help me?

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Business coaching can get a bad rap - and for the right reasons. Too many business coaches are focused on changing mindsets and the way business is understood. A proper business coach should be focused on finding strategies that bring you more business. Period. If your business coaching sessions feel like you’re tuning into a TED Talk, it’s time to try another direction.

Here are five core characteristics that a true business coach should have and focus on:

1. Focused on defining your business goals

You’ve hired a business coach for a reason. As a customer, you’re looking for a solution to your problem and are paying for their expertise in identifying it, helping to create a solution, then measuring the success of that strategy so that it can be reapplied. These should be YOUR goals, not goals from their go-to bag of tricks. This characteristic is essential, as it lays the foundation on what success will look like for your relationship with the business coach.

2. Knowing how to prioritize business needs

A good business coach knows how to prioritize, but a great business coach has a repertoire of experience that he or she knows how to apply to a business owner looking for a consultation. A great business coach will gather all of the information made available to them and consider the data as a whole. They then work through this information to assess the value and urgency of all tasks and needs ahead of your business. Having this expertise as a second input will give you the reassurance needed when cutting or adding services you’ve been cautious about.

3. Can help identify blind spots

As a business owner, you’re susceptible to tunnel vision. Your objective is to grow your business - a business coach’s objective is to make sure all risks are being mitigated and opportunities are being explored. A business coach will give you the insight to turn over leads and opportunities that you may not have known existed.

4. Will help build a better company culture

An experienced business coach has seen numerous workplaces and will be able to spot a toxic work culture and realign it into an efficient, well-oiled machine. They’ll work to enhance cohesiveness across your team and provide effective ways of creating an encouraging environment for your employees.

5. They’re a fixer with a proven record

Business coaches are hired to resolve the way a business is functioning and provide results. In your research, you may find coaches that are a great value or have been working in the field for a long time. Though these are large factors to consider when choosing a business coach, the accreditation and validation that come from proven results should weigh heaviest in your decision making.

At Prior Business Consulting, we pride ourselves with a track record of being open-minded to the needs of a business owner and leading the way as a premier business coaching service. We provide our clients with measurable growth plans with detailed strategy and implementation techniques. We give you a road map with a timeline to achieve your revenue and profit goals. We know that every business is unique, even in the same industry. Contact us today to see how hiring a business coach can remove the roadblocks stopping your business from unleashing its full potential.