What PBC clients are saying...

Bethany was wonderful in helping me get my business plan ready to go in front of lenders. She even made direct introductions to some of the most helpful bankers I have ever dealt with. I needed a quick turnaround and she was able to do it faster than I originally requested. Definitely recommend!
— Matt P., The Hole/Tallahassee
I hired Bethany to write my company’s business plan last year. She is great at what she does! I was able to more clearly understand my profit margins and my profit centers with a clear vision of how to grow revenue and keep on track with my continued client acquisition plan. I am very happy with the job she has done and continues to do for my business. I highly recommend Bethany.
— Matt I., Seaside Claims Services
Wow. I didn’t know what to expect when my banker recommended I hire Bethany to write an expansion business plan for my SBA loan. After meeting with her for a couple hours, she came back with a 50+ page formatted, detailed—essentially—research paper that I would never have time to write. She worked directly with my bank to meet the specific underwriting requirements they needed in the plan. She became part of the team, plus she was cool to have around. I can’t recommend her enough!
— Greg T., Ancient City Brewing
I am so glad I hired Bethany to write my business plan! She was able to take my preliminary plan and vision and translate it into a workable document that breezed through underwriting. I just opened my clinic in 2018, and my banker and I were extremely pleased with the depth and detail of the written plan, as well as the extensive projections that helped make it all happen. She also provided so much encouragement and insight. I can’t recommend her enough!
— Ana S., A New Way Healthcare
I trust Bethany to give it to me straight. She held me accountable for the goals and dreams I had articulated to her, and she helped me discover solutions that were within me the entire time. Her guidance is realistic and raw in a way that propels me to change. I like that. If you’re motivated to change, I would highly suggest working with her.
— Cameron B., Aerospace Engineer
I have been working with Bethany Barnes for the better part of a year and I have been most impressed with her services. I needed a fresh sales strategy for a particular market segment and she came through with an innovative idea that was particularly useful for that unique business-to-business environment. I have continued to work with Bethany and utilize her coaching services because she has a special ability to make connections between seemingly separate thoughts and data points so I can implement different decisions more effectively. It doesn’t hurt that working with her doesn’t feel like “work.” Our time together is productive and enjoyable. Highly recommend.
— Dan M., Franchise Owner
I hired Bethany at a time when my business was on the cusp of tremendous growth. My partner and I initially needed outside sales strategy. She provided methods, metrics and scripts that have been extremely helpful and have given us an edge. For two business owners that had not been formally trained in sales, we appreciated the tips and training she gave us. (The coffee trick—I’ll never forget it!) In the time that I’ve known her, Bethany has also been a great sounding board, both personally and professionally. In instances where I was hesitant for the next step, Bethany helped me work out my internal debates so I was comfortable making the decision. If you have an opportunity to hire her, you’ll be glad you did!
— Rachel A., First Coast CPR Owner
I had the good fortune of working with Bethany as I was starting my business and my MBA simultaneously. She gave me essential insights into the minutiae of launching a start-up. I initially was unsure about the potential of my business, and Bethany supported me and motivated me in overcoming my doubts at the onset. Through her coaching and based upon my particular personality type, she helped me tailor my dreams and my career to my strengths. I look forward to our continued relationship as my business grows.
— Joe B., New Way Media Owner
Amazing. Professional. With honesty, integrity and commitment to my needs. I cannot recommend her enough. If you as a company have not sat down and had a conversation with her, you are losing out. Well worth every minute of your time.
— Michael C., 7 Bridges Heating and Air